55th Reunion

Those of us who made it to the reunion had a fabulous time!  The weather was perfect, the events were extremely well planned, the food was great, and it was so much fun to sit and talk with all our "old" classmates.

On Thursday, August 27, 2015  we enjoyed a Pasta Buffet at Youngest Brothers Restaurant, 310 Robinson Ave.

On Friday, August 28 we were given a Tour of NFA in the morning and had our Icebreaker at LaCasa Vicina Restaurant, 1015 Little Brittain Road in the evening.

On Saturday, August 28 we had fun at the main event at the Nu-Cavu Restaurant, 857 Plains Road, Wallkill. It was a barbecue at noon and a buffet dinner in the afternoon. I never liked Karaoke, but the guys who ran this one were really good. Videos of some of our "performers" are posted below...cool   There were approximately 120 people in attendance, which is an outstanding turnout for a 55th reunion.

A special thanks to the reunion committee from Facebook:

Nancy Giametta D'Addio to ‎Joanne Affuso Cardillo
Want to thank my bff for organizing our best Class Reunion ever! The three day event was fun and the weather was great for our picnic at Nu Cavu. Frank and Bob had everyone up singing karaoke and dancing. We couldn't have done it without you, Jo.
Joanne Affuso Cardillo I couldn't have done it without The Committee's help (Mel Lacey, Rudy Baird, Ken Mennerich, Nancy D'Addio, Elaine Zamenick, Pat Garrison, Lorraine Carbone, Linda Riemer, Bonnie Morehead, Carol Cummings & Gerri Luloff). You were all a big help especially at the 3 events. Special thanks to Linda Riemer & Pat Garrison for the delicious cakes they made for the Pasta Buffet on Thursday. I don't think there was a crumb left!
Elaine Zamenick Jo, you are just amazing! I know you did 98 % of the work yourself!!!!! I know there was a committee and we all shared our input, but with people traveling and vacationing, it was hard to get together, which left the burden on you!....and you did an amazing job. Without you, there would be no reunion. Thanks!!!!


___, Lorraine Perrone, Pat Doulin


Harold Lopinot, _____


(Ron Jacobson and Mel Lacey)


Bonnie Moran Morehead, Bob Morehead


Sheila Roller, ____, ____

Sheila Roller, Paul Zamenick


Jennie Spignardo, Sheila Roller


____, Sheila Roller


Sheila Roller, Sharon Bennett


Sheila Roller, Janet Chippy Feldt

Nice chairs in our auditorium

Bob Brown, Pat Brown

Football field and track

Joanne Affuso, Chippy Feldt, Sheila Roller


____, Spero Chumas, ___


Joanne Affuso (The Yellow and the Blue!)



NONE of us are good singers or dancers, but we had fun! See these videos:











Nancy Giametta, Joanne Affuso, ___


Bonnie Moran, Lorraine Perrone, Elaine Sabo


Elaine Sabo, Joanne Affuso


Paul Zamenick (+ photo from high school)


___, Pat Doulin


Shirley Lacey, Mel Lacey, Pat Fusco, Tony Fusco

Lorrain Perrone, Paul Zamenick, Elaine Sabo, ___, ___, ___, Bonnie Moran

Mary Rogowicz (standing)

Gail Farkas, __, __, Judy Harrsen Kraweic, Dave Kraweic, Linda Monroe Scharwtz, Karl Schwartz


Carlos Scheer, _______


Peggy Fuller, Carlos Scheer, Bob Gardner


Bonnie Moran, Angelo Carbone, Lorraine Perrone Carbone


Joanne Affuso, Chippy Feldt


Jeff Werner, Mark Moses, Donna Werner, Ken Mennerich, Bev Mennerich, Sugar Cohen, Bobbie Moses


Jeff Werner, Mark Moses, Ken Mennerich, Bev Mennerich, Sugar Cohen, Mel Lacey, Bobbie Moses


Grant Odell, Mark Moses


Mel Lacey, Peggy Fuller


Spero Chumas, Marsha Dockstader, John Dockstader


TammyOdell, Grant Odell


___, Rich Wollman, John Dockstader



Mark Moses, Bobbie Moses


Karl Schwartz, Lorraine Perrone


Dave Krawiec, Judy Harssen ___, Krawiec


Donna Werner, Jeff Werner


Jay Wexler, ___, ___




Barbara Lopinot, Harold Lopinot, ___, Mel Lacey


Mary Diaz Drennan, Jim Drennan


Ted Fitzpatrick, Tony Fusco, Spero Chumas


Bernie, Jim Drennan, Joanne Affuso


Bernie, Joanne Affuso


Joanne Affuso, Mel Lacey


___, Chippy Feldt, Joanne Affuso, Peggy Fuller


Carlos Scheer, Mel Lacey, Markk Moses, Jim Decerbo, Jay Wexler, Bob Brown (doing "Poison Ivy")

Carmen Chila Grasso and Nancy Giametta D'Addio

___ Rich Wollman


Pauil Zamenick, Elaine Sabo Zamenick


Our class VP, Bob Brown, has ALL the moves


(When you are 73 years old and VP of our class you must act dignified, Bob??)

Judy Harrson Kraweic, Grant Odell, Chippy Feldt


Mel Lacey, Peggy Fuller


The Stroll:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrGLNtZ0rEg

Sugar Cohen, Peggy Fuller


Linda Connelly Reimer, Walt Reimer


Nancy Giametta, Karl Schwartz




Dotty Norvell Camenga, Bob Camenga



Some of us toured the Crawford House:


The Botono "gang" in 1960:

Jeff Warner, Jay Wexler, Lennie Eckhaus, Mark Moses, Larry Bockar (absent Val Warren {deceased} and Herb Berkwits)