50th Reunion

The 50th reunion of the great NFA class of 1960!


What a fantastic series of events occurred the week of August 23 through 29, 2010.  It was acclaimed by many as the best reunion ever ("absolutely wonderful,"  "awesome,"  "greatest ever,"  "incredible,"  "complete success,"  "very special," and "a fun-filled week"). 

The following activities happened:

  • Early in the week some classmates went on the Riverwalk over the new walking bridge in Poughkeepsie, toured the nicer parts of Newburgh, and toured West Point.


  • On Thursday evening out-of-town classmates were treated to a nice pasta dinner by Joanne and the Reunion Committee.


  • From Thursday through Saturday the Ramada loaned us their VIP Room, which we decorated with NFA colors and memorabilia. Oldies music from the 50s was played while we reminisced and viewed yearbooks, issues of The Graduate, and classmate photos.


  • Friday morning brought us a wonderful two hour tour of NFA hosted by Mr. Lopez, an Assistant Principal. We left the tour raving about how NFA has brought back control in the school. The administration is positive and passionate about the importance of education. There is a no-nonsense approach to discipline with approximately 100 security cameras throughout the campus.  The academic performance of students is excellent. NFA of the 50s looks the same today, except there are more buildings and more students.


  • Friday evening was the traditional "ice breaker" which was held at the Ramada Inn. 200 classmates and guests showed up for this enjoyable time together.


  • On Saturday 224 of us were treated to outstanding weather during an all day BBQ at the Laborers' Union Training Center Pavilion.  Many old memories were discussed, and many old friendships were renewed. Even better, most of us made a lot of "new" friends.  That common bond of being high school classmates becomes more precious with age. You wonder if we hug our families as much as we hugged people that day!  A DJ played "our" music for background entertainment.


  • Sunday morning was another special treat. Kathy Koran Woods (a professional chef) offered a sumptious breakfast at her house to the out-of-towners.


  • Then came the boat ride! 103 of us went on a two hour cruise of the Hudson River on The River Rose, a paddle boat that was brought to Newburgh from New Orleans.  It was a final time of visiting with classmates on a beautiful Sunday afternoon on a nice riverboat.


Photos of this grand event can be seen below.

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Mel Lacey   mellacey@charter.net





Below are photos of the Laborers' Pavilion:





Reunion photos:

1. These pictures are of classmates I met with on the road (we drove 7600 miles across the country and back for the reunion):

Becky and Leo Berry in Caldwell, Idaho


Pete and Rose Cosman in Casper, Wyoming


Mel with Larry Bockar in Denver, Colorado


  Chris and Susan Shipp in Aspen, Colorado


  2. Planning and preparation work:

Bonnie Moran, Carol Markuson, Lorraine Perrone





  3. Photos in the VIP Room at the Ramada (Only maiden names were used generally.)


 Barbara McAfee, Josephine Calhelhas

Alberta "Cookie" Maklary Visconti

 Donna Sprague, Mark Moses



Lewis Cook, Tony Fusco


Lewis Cook, Tom Meddaugh, Carol Powles


 Janet Feldt, Bonnie Elder, Herb Berkwits


  Linda Rhodes


 Pete Daniels, Bob Gardner, Rich Crisci


 Pete Daniels, Tony Fusco


 Rudy Baird, Kent Sinisgalli


Sue Tatman, Bob Brown, Barbara McAfee, Rich Crisci, Mary Rogowicz


Ted Fitzpatrick, Mark Moses


Violet Fasciano, Rosalie Zaia


Sondra Sloves, Sugar Cohen Loeb, Alan Loeb


Watching class photo show


4. Joanne's Thursday dinner for out-of-towners

Bobbie and Mark Moses


Bonnie Moran Morehead and Bob Morehead (on committee)


Elaine Sabo Zamenick and Paul Zamenick


Linda Connelly Reimer and Walt Reimer


Helen VanDenEssen and Carlos Scheer


Len Eckhaus and Linda Rosenthal Eckhaus


Mary Ann Madonia Melick and Charlie Melick


Rich and Helene Silver


Sandra Panarello and Pinky Patel


Stuffed clams 2010


Stuffed clams 2005!!!


Val Warren and Paul Zamenick


  Carmen Chilla Grasso and Joe Grasso


5. Tour of NFA Friday.


Willie Smith, Val Warren, Mark and Bobbie Moses, Lorraine Perrone, Sugar Cohen


 Jim Wade, Carlos Scheer, Dave Krawiec


 Sue Tatman, Kent and Guy Sinisgalli, Val Warren


 Kent and Guy Sinisgalli

Carmella and Rudy Baird, Mark and Bobbie Moses 


 Len and Linda Eckhaus, Mary Rogowicz




 Bob Brown, Stu Copans


 Jay Wexler, Val Warren





 Mr. Fowler


 Jay Wexler, Rich Crisci, Jean Johanson, Dave Krawiec


 Barbara McAfee  (in the former cafeteria)






 Gym (no change since 1960!)






 Music room





 New pool


 New rubber running track



 Kent Sinisgalli, Bob Brown


Elaine Chinoransky, Sugar Cohen


Sondra Sloves, Jean Johanson, Rosalie Zaia



 Jay Wexler


 Len Eckhaus, Mel Lacey


 Mr. Townsend's son, Carlos Scheer


5. Friday night Ice Breaker.





 Jo-Ann Swanson Versusky and Jack Versusky


 Tony Tallarico, Carlos Scheer, _____________


 Vinnie Santagada


Jon Evans, Carol Moss Evans


 Nick and Juanita Ronsini


 Jennie Root, Mary Robinson



Barbara Harris ('61), Gerry Shapiro, Linda Rosenthal

 Fred Mitchell ('59), John Leombruno

 Lucille Tarsio and Donna Revell


 Val Warren, Jennifer Bell, Jay Wexler


 Al Fusco and Sandra Kane Fusco



 Bob Brown, Dale Rockwell ('62), Mel Lacey


 Bonnie Elder, Norm


 Olymphia Daniel Green and her brother Charlie


 Do you still have your 1960 class ring?


 Dave Kraweic, Pat Ferguson


 Barbara McAfee, Anita Buchanan, Kathy Koran, Sandra Panarello, Pinky Patel, Pat Ferguson


 Jean Johanson, John Ostrander, Barbara Horace

 Jeff and Donna Werner


 Jerry Argenio


 Jim and Gail DeCerbo


 Rick D'Addio and Joan Stortecki D'Addio


 Joan Stortecki D'Addio, Pete Daniels, Rick D'Addio


JoAnn Swanson Versusky, Jack Versusky, Joan Versusky Taranto


Joanne Affuso, Carol Labue


 Coach Joe Gaspard and wife Joan


 John Ostrander, Angelo Crisci


 Len Eckhaus and Stan Kahn


 Les Kohlman, Ken Bento, Ted Fitzpatrick


 Lucille Tarsio


 Marie Baldwin Gerhardt and Richard Gerhardt


 Martha Gardner Mack and Don Mack


 Ron Frost, Mel Lacey, Coach Joe Gaspard and wife Joan



 Pat Ferguson, Barbara McAfee


 Dick Levin and Patty Malinowski Levin


 Pete Reilly


Greg Papa, Mel


 Ron and Pat Frost


Ruth Burgess Pewitt and Michael Pewitt

Spero Chumas, Mel Lacey


 6. Saturday BBQ.


 Jon Evans, Carol Moss Evans, Karen Mottola


 Alayne Araman, Rosalie Zaia, John Sloboda


 Alayne Araman, Sandra Panarello, Cathy Molloy, Anita Buchanan



  Barbara Leifheit, Rudy Baird, Elaine Sabo


Bev and Ken Mennerich


Pat Randolph


 Betty Jane Whalen Morehead, Martha Gardner, Jim Morehead




 Cathy Sibley, Pat Ferguson


Chris Sophoclides


Diana Consorti, Angie Monaco, Mary Gizzarelli, Jerry Argenio, Nick Ronsini, Jim Decerbo, Bob Dempsey


Dick Wollman


Donna Werner, Gerry Shapiro


Donna Sprague, Lorraine Perrone, Pat Doulin



 Dottie Norvell



 Edna Spellman Babcock and Joe Babcock





 Mr. Frank Scarzfava and Mary Bolduc


 George Burgard and Sue Calyer Burgard


 Harold and Barbara Lopinot


Helene Silver, Stan Kahn


Jerry Argenio, Nick Ronsini, Juanita Ronsini, Dottie Argenio


Joanne Affuso, Cathy Sibley, Rich Crisci


John and Marsha Dockstader


 Judy Stone


 Pat Rhodes Griggs (Linda Rhodes' sister), Gary Griggs


Mary Rogowicz, Alayne Araman, Joan Stortecki, Mary Robinson


Mel and Shirley Lacey, Herb Morse, Judi Harris Morse


Melanie and Tony Talarico


Nancy Giametta, Joanne Affuso


Ray Traver, Carol Weiss


Rick D'Addio, Linda Rhodes



Rose Greenberg


Nick Ronsini, Diana Consorti,  Jim Decerbo


John and Cathy Brangaccio


Tony Suraci, Kent Sinisgalli


Karl Schwartz and Linda Monroe Schwartz


_________,  Mary Gizzarelli, Diana Consorti






 Dick Reynolds and Judy Chrystal Reynolds


 Rich Crisci, Sandra Kane Fusco, Al Fusco


Regis Dugue and Ruth McDougall Dugue


Tom Bonnie Forrester 



Gil and Brenda Faison, Dave Kraweic


Adele Lukacik, Mary Kania

Jim Nugent, Cathy Molloy Nugent


Lewis (LC) Cook, Sue Gaffney


Tom Meddaugh, Al Fracasse, Stan Kahn, Bob Gardner, Jim Nugent, Mr. Scarzfava


Nancy Gianetta, Barbara Ermolin


Tony Fusco, Lucille Tarsio, Donna Revell


Tony Suraci, Barbara Leifheit


Willie Smith, Jim Nugent, Tom Meddaugh


Bob Trifilo, Bill Warren


Steve Sager, Harold Lopinot, Bob Trifilo, Bill Warren


7. Sunday Breakfast


 Butch Coleman, Jenny Spignardo, Kathy Koran




 Kathy, our chef!



Carlos Scheer, Mel Lacey, Kathy Koran, Richard Gerhardt, Marie Baldwin Gerhardt


Rich and Helene Silver, Stan Kahn, Linda and Len Eckhaus


Walter Clarke


 Richard Gerhardt, Marie Baldwin Gerhardt, Sugar Cohen


8. The Sunday afternoon boat ride



 The River Rose












Capt Duke Panzella Marlboro HS class of '60 or '61 with Walt Clarke



Herb Berkwits, Jeanne Bull, Pat Scofield


Pete and Dolores Berkowsky


Jim Wade,__ Karen Knott Wade


I-84 Bridge


The Heights