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05/07/10 12:20 PM #1    

Patricia Gray (Deceased)

    Mel, the last I heard from a family friend, Pete Adams comitted suicide in Alabama.  Pat

05/13/10 07:10 PM #2    

Mel Lacey

Thanks for the note, Pat.

In case any other classmates see this, it turns out Pat's friend heard this over 20 years ago.  Pete was seen in Newburgh two years ago and we are trying to find his current address as of May 2010.



06/29/10 04:41 PM #3    

Sandra Panarello (Kerns)

I'm relieved to hear that Pete didn't commit suicide after all.  He was a nice kid in high school.

Mel, thanks for this fabulous website.  In the last 50 years, I've had very little contact with any of my high school friends.  But now, with the profiles and birthday reminders, I'm starting to reconnect with a lot of them.  I am SO looking forward to this August reunion!




08/02/10 02:28 PM #4    


Barbara Ciccarelli (Lewandowski)

Hi Mel, and anyone else who remembers Pete Adams.  I thought I saw him on Facebook but didn' get a response.  Also, I sawPhillip Beck who lives in CA with his wife but  didn't get a response to my note to him.

I am probably doing this wrong but here goes,

Re: Joseph Giacoppo, Joe and his lovely family, lived in an apartment over us on South Street, Goldberg's Pharmacy, (anyone remember the pharmacy?), I believe I saw Joe's name on the net as living in Philadelphia, Pa.  This was some time ago.  I will go on again to see if it comes up.Who knew when I met Joe's mom that we would have something in common years later.  Billie Giocoppo and Same Giocoppo lost their son Louis when Louis was 12 years old to Leukemia.  They kept a photo of Louis on a table in their living room.  I  lost my son Nick at the age of 21.  Here  is another memory of Joe and his family.  Joe's father gave me my first pair of roller skates. Sam worked for the railroad and found them on the railroad tracks and brought them home to me. They were a loving family. Barb

08/29/10 05:25 PM #5    

Sandra Kane (Fusco)

Just letting everyone know what a wonderful weekend it was for me and Al.  It was great seeing you all.  Hope we can do it again soon.

Sandy Kane Fusco and Albert Fusco

09/22/10 04:15 PM #6    


Michael Kowalik

dont know if Im doing this right.  Richard Judson who passed away in June 2010 was a friend of mine. When we graduated in 1960 we joined the U.S. Air Force Togather on the buddy system and both went to Basic Training Lackland AFB Texas in Oct 1960.  In December I got assigned to North Truro AFS in North Truro Mass on Cape Cod.  Richard got assigned to some where in the Azores (Islands) near Spain and Portugal.  Never saw him after that, lost contact.  Another classmate was suppose to join with us.  He was so smart and was consider a young enstein.  His name was Albert Bellisle.  I think Im spelling his name right BelIsle or BellIsle.  Not sure.  He decided at the last moment not go join.  Never herd from him again and always wondered what happened to Albert.

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