Other reunions


Several classmates decided to plan a reunion between our 45th and 50th events.  Las Vegas was chosen and an e-mail notification was sent to as many people as we could reach.  Over 30 classmates made the trip in October 2007, most with spouses or friends. 

The first day we met casually in a hotel lobby and visited.  The second day we rented a hospitality suite, decorated it in yellow and blue and spent the day renewing old friendships, viewing memorabilia, and watching a slide show of our NFA days.  That evening we attended a concert with The Platters, The Drifters, and The Coasters. A BBQ and another day of fun together filled in the third day.

It was a wonderful time of reminiscing and being with old friends as seen in the photos below:


Group gathering at the BBQ.


"The Botonos" gang was formed back in high school.  Val Warren, Len Eckhaus, Herb Berkwits, Mark Moses. Missing: Jay Wexler, Jeff Werner, Larry Bockar


Decorating the hospitality suite.



Brian McCarthy, Sugar Cohen Loeb, Shirley Lacey, Donna Sprague McCarthy, Susan Tatman Fishel, Rosalie Zaia


Bob Gardner, Bernie Hilman


Carlos, Joan Stortecky D'Addio, Rick D'Addio, waiter, Herb Berkwits, Sondra, Susan, Angelo


Ed Vradenburgh, Karen Knott Wade




Guy Sinisgalli, Jim Wade, Rick, Joan, Kent Sinisgalli


 Charlie Melick, Rich Crisci, Carolyn Crisci, Dolores DeRobertis, Alan Loeb, Dom DeRobertis, Don Mack, Martha Gardner Mack, Shirley Lacey, Susan Tatman Fishel


Carolyn, Dom Derobertis, Dolores



Donna Sprague McCarthy, Joan Stortecky D'Addio



Ken Mennerick, Bev Mennerich, Joey Calhelhas Leonard


Charlie Melick, Carlos, Mary Ann Madonia Melick


Sue Calyer Burgard, George Burgard


Shirley, Joanne, Mary Sherman Syverson, Susan


Gerry Shapiro Luloff, Herb, Sugar


Joan, Rosalie, Mary, Sondra Sloves Boiarsky


Karen, Shirley, Dick Jones, Marge Doogan (Smith) Jones


Linda, Len


Tom Goodfriend (on right)


Peter Berkowsky, Mel Lacey (a 50 year Yankee - Red Sox rivalry!)


"Yearbook talking"  Sugar, Sondra, Sue, Rosalie


Jim Foster, Bonnie Elder Foster


Slide show


More slide show


Here are some photos from classmates who couldn't make it but did send pictures:

Bob Brown


Charlotte Sommerfield Winkky, Carol Markuson Cummings


Al and Mary Jane Vaccaro Scalfari


Ruth Burgess Pewitt


Sandra Panarello Kerns


Tom Meddaugh


Chris and Susan Shipp


Pat Blazick Mussari




A gathering of a few classmates was arranged by Larry Bockar in March 2011 in Florida.  Here are photos from the event:


Alan Loeb, Mark Moses


Bobbie Moses, Sheila Slutsky Hecht (NFA 1961)


Larry Bockar, Iris Levine Salomon


Mary Sherman Syverson, Larry, Sugar Cohen Loeb


Stanley Salomon (NFA 1961), Alan, Phil Hecht


Sheila, Bobbie, Iris


Alan, Stan, Mark, Mary, Larry, Phil


Ralph McKinstrie


Larry, Mark