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Mystique of the 50th reunion

Created on: 04/28/10 11:37 PM Views: 3103 Replies: 1
Mystique of the 50th reunion
Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2010 06:37 PM

Many of us missed the 10th,  20th and other reunions because we were too busy with the demands of life.  Raising families, pursuing our careers, making enough money, and so forth took priority over coming back to a high school reunion.  For those of us who made it to some of the reunions we found them fun for sure.  But they were, in a sense, superficial in that we were most interested in impressing those we went to school with.

But now we are about 68 years old and all pretenses are gone. Impressions matter much less. The 50th reunion is about the joy of re-connecting with people from the distant past - our teenage years. That common bond of being high school classmates is rather powerful now, especially since 54 people are no longer with us.

We will spend a few days sharing our successes and failures, our accomplishments and losses, our families, and for sure our aches and pains!    It will be sad to reminisce about those who have passed on but a blessing to see that we are still here.

As I look at websites of classes that have had their 50th it seems all have really enjoyed them.  And best of all those renewed acquaintences result in friendships that continue on.

What are YOUR thoughts? 


RE: Mystique of the 50th reunion
Posted Monday, December 6, 2010 01:35 PM
It's a cold day here in NY and I happened to surf through the site and found this piece that Mel posted back in April.  Well the 50th reunion is long over and Mel's thoughts nudged me to post something.  It was great to see the many classmates I haven't seen in 50 years. The event was planned around a casual setting which made it so nice.  As Mel's said, "we have outgrown trying to impress those we went to school with". We are what we are and from what I experienced, my classmates are happy with themselves and that makes me happy.  After the goodbyes I took a few days to absorb all that went on so I was able to store it in my memory bank and what a wonderful memory it is. Carolyn & I really enjoyed ourselves that whole week seeing our NFA friends.  Not once during those few days did I feel like I was 68 years old. It felt more like we just picked up right where we left off in June of 1960.  To say a great time was had by all is an understatement.


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